Why Dash Hemp?

Dash Hemp Clothing


Thank you for producing the best clothes I have ever worn!
I never thought dressing nice could be so comfortable, better in every way
compared to traditional cotton. I now have a wardrobe that can be
. I live in AZ but my whole family lives in PA. For the
first time I no longer have to pack bulky winter clothing when I visit my
family for the holidays. Your clothes are perfect for both cold and hot

-Dave Bandish

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Dash Hemp clothing is remarkably comfortable..it’s always love at first try-on. Never itchy or scratchy…If you’ve never worn anything hemp, and you doubt the claims, start with an upscale hemp tee. You’ll discover that this is no ordinary hemp shirt.
It’s not uncommon for us to ship a Tee and 3 days later there’s a re-order for more…it often rolls into more purchases from there.

Our clothing last for years. It’s not unusual to hear guys reporting that they constantly wear our shirts for years. They’re transformational… look great un-tucked and are at least 65gm/M2 heavier than any other hemp tee in America. They don’t pill and never lose their shape.

Style and Innovation

Surf away. You will emphatically not find any other company in America that does what we do…nothing close in terms of detailing fabrications and our unique looks. Our clothing is transformational.

Hemp as Travel Clothing


Customer Comment:
“Travel light because there’s nothing like it! The jerseys are wrinkle-free, and the wovens are wrinkle-resistant. The fact that hemp has strong anti-microbial properties means that you can be a minimalist in packing because (I know some won’t like this) you can wear the same shirt for many, many days with no “aroma”. Come on, we wash clothing way too much. There are many websites that tout travel clothing, but none of them sell hemp clothing for travel. The awareness has simply not yet reached this industry, but someday it will. We’re proud to be the innovators.

Read this! I recently spent three weeks in Turkey. I had packed my 100% long sleeve
hemp shirt for the trip and I was not disappointed. There are very few
fabrics that feel as good to wear as hemp. It has a smooth and light
feel like the best silk or premium cotton. In addition to being
comfortable, it never loses it shape. And unlike my cotton shirts, odors
don’t penetrate the hemp as easily. I found that everyone in Turkey
smokes. But my hemp shirt never smelled like tobacco unlike my cotton
The other thing I found truely amazing about my long sleeve hemp shirt,
was that it kept me cool, provided great sun protection as well. Based
on my travels with the hemp fabric, I am ordering several more shirts
for all future trips. And since I have to keep my wife from “borrowing”
my hemp shirt to wear herself. Kudos on one of the best kept secrets and
best products on the market. Keep up the good work and I look forward
to many more years of enjoyment.”

-William Burkes

Qualities of the Hemp Fiber


Transfer Qualities

Hemp transfers and absorbs moisture better than most other fibers.

Anti- UV Properties


Paradoxical Temperature Regulation
Cooler in Summer, Warmer in Winter

The hemp fiber is hollow, so in Winter, it acts like a thermal. In Summer, it’s cooler than cotton by about 5 degrees. And it works with your body temperature: If you’re hot, it cools. If your cold, it has a warming effect. Terrific stuff for hot flash problems.

Anti-microbial Properties

You can wear a hemp shirt or top for many days with no “aroma”. Hemp kills bacterial, staff and fungus, so even if you don’t wear deodorant, you can continue to wear your hem garment. Hemp clothes are truly “travel perfect” clothing. You simply don’t need to pack as much.. According to the result of the inspection by China Shandong Sanitation and Antiepidemic Station, the hemp cloth could kill 99.4% of trichophyton and gympsum, 92.6% candidaalbiecan, 99.8% of aspergillus etc.

Legendary Strength
Hemp is cellulose rich, so it’s strong. In fact 5-20 stronger than cotton. Cotton is a flower and doesn’t contain very much cellulose.



Hemp does not require herbicides or pesticides to grow. 40-50% of all the applied pesticides in the world are used on cotton. Think of the contamination to water aquafers. I contend that Dow, Monsanto and the like will be major lobbies against the legalization of industrial hemp, at least until they discover ways to profit from hemp.



Feed the Planet…and nourish yourself!

Hemp seed contains between 25-30% protein, EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids…the body does not manufacture EFA’s), and high in Omega 3’s (as in fish oil).

We could be feeding starving nations with foods derived from the hemp seed…in a matter of months (given that they could be processed in under developed countries with the proper equipment to de-hull, etc.)

Hemp protein powders, hemp oil, and the hemp seeds will turn starving countries around. We need to address this seriously and remove the political cowards who would negate efforts to promote hemp as a vital, universal food.