Yoga Lounge, Unisex Jersey Drawstring Pant

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Yoga Lounge Hemp Pant. For loungers and fantasy loungers who don’t have time to lounge.  Pull them on and feel like you’re on a different planet.


For loungers or fantasy loungers who don’t have time to lounge.The “bedpost pant”… The pant you drape over your bedpost,reach for in the morning,and change into after work.Wear them as pajamas, for travel or at the gym. Always wrinkle-free! in a superior blend of 9.5oz hemp/organic cotton jersey.

  • Gusset crotch for extra room and flex
  • Non-binding elastic waistband
  • Side slash pockets
  • Easy Care machine wash and dry
  • No-iron. Wrinkle free out of the wash
  • Imported/Sweat-free workshop
  • Colorfast.
  • Travel-perfect!

Weight 9.5 oz

Sizing & Specs

Small Med 1 Med2 Large XLarge
Fits Waist 28-32 34-38 34-38 38-42 42-48
Inseam 29″ 30″ 32″ 32″ 33″

CARE and Details

Hand or machine wash cool. Normal detergent OK
Hang or tumble dry Med No iron-wrinkle-free
If you blow it and fry them in the dryer: Remember that Hemp Jersey compacts mainly in length at higher wash and drying temps, so if original length is desired, hold at crotch and hem, stretch to original length or more.
Our hemp drawstring pants always bounce back. Just like you.

60 reviews for Yoga Lounge, Unisex Jersey Drawstring Pant

  1. Anonymous

  2. Verified Buyer

  3. Jan

    Love these – I have several colors. They are well made and very comfortable

  4. john yesberger

    Very comfortable to wear casually .

  5. Joseph C.

    fantastic, looking forward to purchasing again in the future!

  6. Brian

    Very high-quality. Excellent company to do business with. This is my second time ordering and they do a fantastic quick turnaround mailing of your products. Love replacing my cotton and any other synthetic clothes with these high-quality hemp products. awesome, appreciate the hard work at a fair price.

  7. James J.

    I loved these pants for comforting lounging. I have recently taken up yoga and they work quite well for my workout also.

  8. ROBERTA *.

    They are great! Comfortable and easy to take care of.

  9. Sam Ruffino

  10. Stan CLARK

    Richard was wonderful to work with when the exact pair of pants I was looking for was not available. Great pants, great customer service!

  11. Kimberly Merriman

    Husband loves these pants! Usually buy him the hemp shirts…his favorite, but took a chance on pants this time. Perfect.

  12. Jeff W.

    This is my third pair. I love them.

  13. Krista

    gave these to my boyfriend as a gift and he loves them.
    They were meant for hanging around the house but he’s wearing them outside to walk to dog too!

  14. Jan Soltys

    I have these pants in every color. They are well made and comfortable beyond belief.

  15. Bruce Phelps

    These are beyond doubt the most comfortable lounge pants Imhave ever worn! Bought a pair for my wife, and plan to buy more for each of us. Just another great product in the Dash Hemp line!

  16. steven elias

    Love the pants. Little disappointed that my color was out of stock but replacement pair was sent the next day

  17. Terrence Payton

    comfortable well designed!

  18. Stan Clark

    I love these so much I just ordered a second pair!

  19. Jan Soltys

    I have them in every color. They are great for lounging in yet nice enough to wear running errands

  20. michael baker

    The hemp fabric is fantastic. Extremely comfortable yet durable.
    Your service is excellent; always responsive and appropriate.
    Keep Rocky as the face of the company.

  21. Walter E Geaux

    the latest purchase I put on, I sadly caught the knee on a nail and tore them before they were an hour old, broke my heart, and I reordered the twill, no regrets. My last pair made it for years , and I’ll but them again!

  22. M Horton

    I like the new improved Yoga pants,!! The former style were very comfortable too, but the new ones dont bag at the knees after sitting and are just as soft with every wash.

  23. Paul Riley

    Been wearing them since 2012… Not the same pair!!

    I love the bells on the tie.

  24. Buck Hallen

    I purchased this product over 7 years ago. Typically wear them in the morning and evening for several hours a day about 150 days a year. After 7+ years I am finally purchasing another pair. They are extremely comfortable and they last a long time. The elastic band for the waist is still in great condition.


    A local source (my default first choice when shopping) for casual hemp pants didn’t exist. After perusing several online competitors, Dash Hemp’s model stood out. After several weeks of wearing, I’m pleased to report these hemp pants to be very comfortable, of quality design and construction and a good value. Thanks for producing a great product!

  26. Jeff

    I love these SO much!


    These are incredibly comfortable pants. The only reason they get 5 stars from me is because I’m not a fan of drawstring pants.

  28. Clair Young

    Had only bought shirts before now, which I love. These pants are soft comfortable and I wear them everywhere. I’m looking forward to having my wardrobe exclusively hemp/cotton. Would love to see Dash Hemp carry a hemp shoe.

  29. Robert Buckner

    Perfect fit and comfort in lounge pants. I’ll be getting my own soon.

  30. Thomas Smith

    Best lounge/yoga pants ever. Bought a pair that my daughter loves so much that she stole them for me so I bought two more pairs for me and gave a pair to my brother in law for Christmas; he also loves them. Highly recommended!

  31. Amy

    Great service. Thank you.

  32. Moshe Zorea

    Very comfortable, well made.

  33. Hamneggs

    They make me feel like I’m at the beach, in the shade, under a palm tree in a hammock. And that my friends is no small thing when one comes home from a hard day of work to relax.

  34. larry baird

    these are great pants I wear all the time

  35. igor fambulov

    Great service – unmatched pants

  36. Edward V Blonski

    The quality was great

  37. Mark Taylor

    Warm relaxed, open, well looking,
    They arrived super quick thank you all who are

  38. John Jr.

    I certainly hope I am not Dash’s typical customer. Last month, I learned that I have prostate cancer. The people who will be treating my condition suggested I wear loose fitting clothing. Needless to say, the Dash Men’s Yoga Lounge Drawstring pant is the perfect pant for my needs now!

    This is not the first pair of Dash Men’s Yoga / Lounge Drawstring pants I’ve owned. I’ve worn Dash’e twill version of this drawstring pant for so long I can’t remember when I actually purchased them. The hemp fabric is totally awesome in terms of ‘wear-ability’ and obviously the style is timeless.

    Don’t get yourself into my situation just so you can purchase a pair of these pants. Purchase your Men’s Yoga / Lounge Pant because you appreciate good quality and durability in clothing. Also, you gals out there … these drawstring pants will work for you too.

    john jr.

  39. scott B

    Even better quality than I expected. Love these

  40. Anthony A.

    These pants feel good: both in terms of fit and texture.

  41. Thomas Smith

    I love these pants. They fit perfectly and are super cozy. I actually ordered a second pair.

  42. Michael Henry

    I have not worn better comfortable pants. Out of the three pairs that I’ve opened, one had a pocket that wasn’t sown shut and also several little holes.

    Also, the black small seemed to be more true to size than the other small pants.

    Outside of that they are great.

  43. Barbara Burgelin

    We LOVED dealing with you! I ordered yoga pants for my brother-in-law for Christmas. I received a personal e-mail back saying that you did not have them available in a shorter length, but that you could 1) have a longer pair altered, 2) send them to me and pay for an alteration, or 3) refund me for the order. I chose to let you have the alteration done, at no cost to myself, and the work was done beautifully and the fit perfectly! Furthermore, you stayed in touch with me to assure me that they would be sent to me before Christmas. I so appreciate the effort that you went to in order to fill this order. I don’t know of another company that would have gone to the trouble.
    My brother-in-law loved the pants! They were soft, comfortable and of a superior quality. Thank you so much!!!

  44. dale van tassel


  45. DEBRA

    I recently purchased these men’s yoga pants to replace a very old pair. I was surprised by how soon the pants arrived and again, they are the weekend and evening favorite! Thank you!

  46. John Jessup

    And they’re just as soft and comfy as the first! They’re my default wear around the house and for Tai Chi class. You folks do retail hempwear better than anyone I’ve found over the years. And Santa Cruz was the first ocean beach I ever experienced, when I was two, and I still have a special place in my heart for it! Happy New Year!

  47. Paul Telles

    I love these pants! I bought two pairs and am wearing one right now as I prepare to teach my 5:45 p.m. Yoga class.

    My only shopping difficulty was that I bought an earlier pair after talking to store personnel on the phone. They recommended size Medium and said I should expect them to shrink to fit. When I got them and washed them, they still weren’t quite the right fit for Yoga, so I came back and bought two size Small pairs online. Love em! I will wear the first pair as lounge pants, though.


    Paul Telle-s

  48. Patrick Jarvis

    Very comfortable, just perfect!

  49. Brad

    My second pair, I live in them. Enough said.

  50. Derek

    Love these pants, they are my second pair and they’re extremely comfortable!

  51. jessica silva-fisher

    nice material and color

  52. TD

    I recently bought two pair of hemp yoga pants and have been living in them ! The order arrived in just a few days. Couldn’t be happier with the product or the service.

  53. Peter Stickney

    These pants fit great, are loose and comfortable when I do my qigong practice. I am more than satisfied, I’m happy I found them and bought them. Perfect for me. Thanks

  54. Jean

    Ordered as gift for my son. He was looking for a pant made of natural fiber and loved these. The order arrived quickly and the customer service department answered my inquiry promptly.

  55. Dean


    I will use this for a travel pants.

  56. john higgins

    Fast, easy, good service. Someone answers the phone!

  57. Abigail Jensen

    My husband loves his tee & polo shirts.
    The yoga lounge pant is great tool!

  58. Herman Flippen

    love these pants

  59. brendan

    These are well made, and the material is very comfortable.

  60. Bob Gavrich

    These may be the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn (their only competition is DashHemp’s own hemp jeans).

    They’re cool in summer, warm in winter, only need washing maybe every five or six wears, and look great right out of the dryer.

    Hemp is just a better fabric. Period. End of story.

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