Nuccio Five Pocket Hemp Jean

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Nuccio. 55/45 Hemp/Organic Cotton 11.5 oz. Hemp Jean


The Nuccio. Five pocket hemp jean in 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton Denim

Weight 11 oz
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The Nuccio. Five pocket hemp jean in 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton Denim



The Nuccio. Five pocket hemp jean in 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton Denim


23 reviews for Nuccio Five Pocket Hemp Jean

  1. chris

    These pants are thin but tough

  2. Anonymous

  3. Carl

    Very nice jeans. Drape beautifully, very comfortable right off the bat

  4. Joseph C.

    fantastic, looking forward to purchasing again in the future!

  5. Sean

  6. DEBBRA C.

    Excellent fit and quality. I have been buying from Dash Hemp for many years. They have excellent customer service!

  7. Steven

    Love the fit and the look. I have a short inseam so I had to get them altered (took a star) for length but well worth the small expense.

  8. Jeff W.

    Paradoxically I think the 100% hemp is both cooler and warmer than the blends.
    But I would give SIX stars if I could for Dash’s customer service!

  9. Anonymous

  10. Cynthia L Grant

    The jeans are great. Thank you so much for getting the size for me. (You know what I mean). That was above and beyond the call of duty. You guys are awesome.

  11. Richard Meiller

  12. John Frasca

    These hemp jeans are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn.

  13. Paul M

    Great fit. Appreciated the double checking of size before sending them out. They wear nicely and hope to say the same thing about them in a couple years.

  14. Len

    I’ve had a pair of the Nuccio jeans for several months now. They still feel great to wear, and to the touch. As Richard Dash suggested, these CAN easily be worn for days in a row. My recent trip to California backs up that statement: I felt comfortable wearing them as my main set of pants for 4 days straight walking in the SoCal daytime sun without having to worry about them giving off any kind of funky odor.
    I was never but so much of a guy before: I would only grudgingly buy more commercial brand jeans, and wear them to suit the occasion. But the Dash Nuccios have inspired me to be more of a HEMP/ORGANIC COTTON jeans guy! I look forward to the next time the 5-pocket type comes available in my size, so I can pick up at least one more pair.

  15. Justin

    Love these jeans! Use them for work and everything else. Great material and fit. I do miss the 100% hemp jeans though!

  16. Nate

    Fabric is unbelievably comfortable. A little relaxed for my taste.

  17. Jonathan Lane

    The hemp clothing I get from Dash is wonderful, I think the service is great as is the quality of the products. My new CHI hemp jeans are now my favorite pants for style and comfort.

  18. Patrick A Hurley

    After first having the 75/25 jeans, I must say, this is much better.
    The cut was improved in the yolk (crotch) to be more in line with ‘other popular’ jeans. In addition, the added cotton does give better stretch to fit your body type and common use.
    The hip cut is still smaller than average which makes for a sizing issue. I wear a 32/32 of ‘other popular’ jeans, I had to get a 36/32.
    I didn’t give this a 5 because I think there is still progress to be made in the cut and sizing. I would, though, recommend this style. The fifth pocket (watch pocket) is important to me, and was removed from the newer design.
    Really good things – the pockets are deep. The rivets are smooth – you may never notice the benefit until you scratch your inner wrist on rivet that sticks out.
    I’ve not had them for a year yet (which would generally be when I’d make a judgement) but so far they are outstanding.
    I will not be purchasing ‘other brands’ as long as the Dash’s keep jeans available.

  19. Mark

    Fit is great, slim cut. If you normally wear a Wrangler Slim-Fit Cowboy Cut Jean, then the same size in the Nuccio Five Pocket Hemp Jean will fit perfectly. I have not had these jeans long enough to evaluate their durability, but I like the way the “feel” now.

  20. Bob Clayton

    I wear these every day. Seldom wash them, but when I do, I hang them on a pants stretcher on the shower curtain rod at night. They are dry in the morning with a crease. Never in the dryer.

  21. Robert Petkus

    I’ve only worn the jeans once. They feel a lot like a cross between cotton and linen. When I first put them on, they were a bit tight, but loosened up nicely shortly there after. The jeans are a bit darker than anticipated, but I’m guess they will fade with washing / wearing. This was not my first, nor will it be my last, purchase from Dash Hemp.

  22. Todd Siders

    I just don’t know what it is about other pants I order online. Why is an inseam measurement seemingly “about,” even when dealing with the exact same style (different color)!!!!

    With these pants, and all from Dash Hemp, the size was exactly the fit I wanted. The pants are comfortable, tough, and look good. Thanks!

  23. Bradford Rickenbaker

    I wore them for several days before washing so they would mold to my body before shrinking after first wash. They did not shrink but got even softer and the fit is perfect. My teen aged son wants a pair.

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