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Dash Hemp Hiker Socks


Soft and spongy Hemp Socks by Dash Hemp

Hemp Leaf Sox!



Men’s Hemp Blend Hiker and Sport Socks. 51% Hemp 38% Organic Cotton 11% Spandex..they won’t slip off your foot. Soft and spongy.

Forget about athletes feet! (there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence) These hemp socks are naturally anti-microbial (kills bacteria and fungus), so you can wear these for many days without washing.


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  • Hand or machine wash warm
  • Hang or tumble dry Med

40 reviews for Dash Hemp Hiker Socks

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good stuff, though I’d prefer less elastic. They grip a bit tighter than I’d like.

  2. Joseph (verified owner)

    not the first time buying, love their stuff!

  3. Robert (verified owner)

  4. David Anderton (verified owner)

  5. Cary (verified owner)

    These are very comfortable socks. I bought some new ones to replace ones I have worn for many years. I wear them with sneakers and any long pants. I highly recommend them

  6. Francesca M. (verified owner)

    See above

  7. Joseph C. (verified owner)

    fantastic, looking forward to purchasing again in the future!

  8. David (verified owner)

    These socks are very comfortable.

  9. Jim S. (verified owner)

    Good socks. Last a long time too—and comfortable.

  10. Sue W. (verified owner)

    My man loves his new socks for his tootsies are always cold

  11. Geoff Bickford (verified owner)

  12. Jim Shubin (verified owner)

    I’m really pleased with the socks…soft, warm but not too warm and they just make my feet happy.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Oliver (verified owner)

    High Quality, Great Value.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to try at first and then went back after trying them to get six of each color.

  17. Allen Weingartner (verified owner)

  18. Derek

    Give your feet a gift… They work hard for us and they deserve these socks!! I can just hear them saying, “ahhhh” when I put them on!

    Careful, they do produce lint in the wash though.

  19. Shelley (verified owner)

  20. Al (verified owner)

    Worn these at least three times and so far they are great.

  21. David (verified owner)

    Love these socks

  22. mlewsimpson51 (verified owner)

    color fast, odor resisting, shape-holding – I love these socks. these were my first pair, but not my last! would love a couple more colors to choose from. great buy!

  23. keep it natural (verified owner)

    Thick comfortable well-made sock – the only drawback is a very tight cuff. On the plus side…they will never slide down!

  24. Michael B. (verified owner)

    These socks are so much better than 100% (organic) cotton socks. The hemp adds a toughness and durability that pure cotton lacks. I expect these will last at least twice as long.

  25. Charles (verified owner)

    The proof’s in the pudding here. These are really fine socks. I’ll be buying more. Very soft. Very comfortable. Just the right weight. Anti-microbial. They launder well. Having the hemp component they last longer. Trust me on this. These are what you want.

  26. Robert Kerr

    I received them yesterday and put them on as soon as I finished breakfast today. Comfortable, breathable and they don`t crawl down my legs. I have very sweaty feet but these don`t do that to me. will be buying more after Christmas. Too bad we don`t live in the U.S. Then I would order more today as gifts.

  27. John E Kelleher (verified owner)

    No shrinkage, even with high-heat washing/drying.

  28. John Keiser (verified owner)

    I’ve worn them several times now and enjoy the feel and look. Little thinner than say nike crew socks, little longer too. Overall I think they are worth the money and are exactly what I was looking for, a hemp alternative to nike crew socks

  29. Alex Fearn (verified owner)

    These socks have become my feet and my feet have become these socks. They rarely part as they have become fast friends. I’ll probably need no other pair until my end.

  30. Mark Taylor (verified owner)

    Dunno what to say best socks I’ve put on my feet.

  31. jake fearn (verified owner)

    the socks are great! need I say more? I think not, because the socks speak for themselves!

  32. Mark S. (verified owner)

    Haven’t had them long but I wore them with an old pair of shoes that have seen better days and after a long day took my shoes off and my feet didn’t have a smell like I was sure they would.

  33. Eric Githens (verified owner)

    Love the socks, really comfortable and breathable,

  34. Greg Gladden (verified owner)

    Cashmere socks have become really hard to find. These hemp socks seem just as good for many of the same reasons. And that is the best.

  35. sentient 1 (verified owner)

    Will recommend these Hiker Socks to anybody
    especially given the generous Hemp percentage of
    the socks , they are comfortable , warm and of a real
    high standard of quality , should serve one well for
    years …

    All I would say my Brethren is get these while they
    are still available , you won’t be disappointed !!!

  36. Dean (verified owner)


    Hemp products were selected because they are “soft” and hold there shape.

    For the three items on my current order, the customer service provided by Mr. Dash was outstanding.

  37. Jim (verified owner)

    A really nice, comfortable pair of socks. Warm, soft and comfy. I highly recommend them.

  38. Trevor McLean (verified owner)

    Great socks, looks like they will easily outlast the cheap white cotton kind I tend to buy at the supermarket

  39. HERBERT STONE (verified owner)

    These are great socks, comfortable and long wearing. Hiked around Myanmar for more than 2 weeks. Also wore them in Italy. Nothing but praise for the quality of the socks.

  40. Elizabeth Schwarzwalder (verified owner)

    Great product and he loves them.

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