Horizon. Long Sleeve Hemp Pull-over Tee

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55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton Superior 9oz Jersey 1/2″ fashion neck ribbing Hem and sleeve Ribbing with detailing Pigment/Garment Safe Dyed Hem patches with Grommets Easy Care Machine Wash/Dry Wrinkle-Free. Won’t bleed in wash Imported, Sweat-free workshop.  
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55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton Superior 9oz Jersey 1/2″ fashion neck ribbing Hem and sleeve Ribbing with detailing Pigment/Garment Safe Dyed Hem patches with Grommets Easy Care Machine Wash/Dry Wrinkle-Free. Won’t bleed in wash Imported, Sweat-free workshop.  

CARE and Details

55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton Superior 9oz Jersey 1/2″ fashion neck ribbing Hem and sleeve Ribbing with detailing Pigment/Garment Safe Dyed Hem patches with Grommets Easy Care Machine Wash/Dry Wrinkle-Free. Won’t bleed in wash Imported, Sweat-free workshop.  

117 reviews for Horizon. Long Sleeve Hemp Pull-over Tee

  1. John M.

  2. Anonymous

    I have several of these flattering shirts. They are comfortable, well-made, and can be worn almost anywhere

  3. Maria C.

    Love these shirts and they wear well. We still wear ones we bought 2 years ago.

  4. Maria C.

    Love these shirts and they wear well. We still wear ones we bought 2 years ago.

  5. Maria C.

    Love these shirts and they wear well. We still wear ones we bought 2 years ago.

  6. Jay Hufford

  7. Laura T.

    Hubby loves these shirts and has them in almost every color. I am giving him the Crimson for Christmas.

    They’re a good weight, warm when you want a warmer shirt and cool enough you don’t get overheated in warmer weather.

    Very easy to wash and dry. Never had to iron them. The fabric is nicely sturdy, and he’s worn his initial shirts a good five years or longer.

    Highly recommend. Really good company and staff as well. Orders always handled in a very timely fashion.

  8. Laura T.

    Hubby loves these shirts and has them in almost every color. I am giving him the Crimson for Christmas.

    They’re a good weight, warm when you want a warmer shirt and cool enough you don’t get overheated in warmer weather.

    Very easy to wash and dry. Never had to iron them. The fabric is nicely sturdy, and he’s worn his initial shirts a good five years or longer.

    Highly recommend. Really good company and staff as well. Orders always handled in a very timely fashion.

  9. Johnny

    Well made, look good, feels good (wearing one now).

  10. Anonymous

  11. Freeman Iverson

    still very comfortable enough room for American Body 1 size up for sleeves, after several washes.

  12. Rebecca H.

    Beautiful quality

  13. Greg Gladden

  14. Donna

  15. Leslie

    Great color and fabric. Boxy shape and I did order a size smaller than normal – perfect.

  16. Jean

  17. Justin R.

  18. Bradford R.

    Feels great on. I run for this shirt after work, and in the summer I wear the short sleeve. It seems like it would be heavy but it lays nicely and hugs the body. Just gets softer and nicer with age.

  19. Michael S.

    I live in these love um.

  20. John P.

    Just shy of five because the colors tend to fades a little after numerous washing. However the shirt still is good

  21. Anonymous

  22. Jon Florey

    Great for cold days at the beach.

  23. Ronilyn Barton

    I bought one of these 3 years ago and then bought more just recently. I can’t tell the difference between the oldest ones and the new one’s I just bought. These really hold up to all of my wearing needs. They are so comfortable to wear. Great value for the price I paid!

  24. Susan Barnhart

  25. Robert K.

    Looks great.

  26. David

    Shirt fits well in Medium. It’s a nice shirt.

  27. Kelly McClelland

    I love these shirts! They are so comfortable and last just about forever. I throw them in with my other laundry for washing. I do hang them up to dry, but I don’t know if that’s required.

  28. Jean

    Great product matched by excellent customer service—efficient and personalized.

  29. linda obrien

    Love it I purchased a short sleeve one last year. My husband loves the quality! So I bought him the long sleeve this year.

  30. Patricia Ciccotelli

  31. Steven Anderson

    I really love the long sleeves. I purchased the short ones for myself and gifts in the past. I wanted the weather to cool a bit before this past purchase. Your products are the best and really can’t wait to include them in my travel plans.

  32. Elizabeth Parashis

    Another winner

  33. Sue W.

    The hemp tee is soft, comfortable and looks good years later even after dozens of washing.

  34. Charles

    Perfect for this cooler weather in Washington. Order a size smaller than normal and the fit will be excellent!
    I have smoked three of the short sleeve models and there is absolutely no THC, dammit.

  35. Kenneth Scalmanini

    Always like your products, very satisfied

  36. Paul Riley

    I love these long sleeve t-shirts, the material feels nice and looks great! I love the red one, the gray one, the black ones and I got a new color, light blue… I highly endorse this product for fit and quality and overall satisfaction!

  37. Suzanne

    We are so happy with these shirts!! The XL fits Mark perfectly. He is 6 ft 2, 200 lbs. The fabric is beautiful. There are details in the design that definitely set them apart from « just » a T shirt. Great colors!! We are in France and they arrived quickly, good tracking info. Terrific customer service, helpful and friendly.

  38. Morgan M.

    Perfect fall weather t-shirt – warm and soft.

  39. John Edwards

    I love the shirt, but I can’t seem to register an account with you.

  40. Dan Martinez

    I’ve had two of these for years: they look and feel as good as the day I bought them. They have a nice, dense heft to them that I love, and that other fabrics lack.

  41. Allen Weingartner

  42. JG Newton

    My husband and son love these jerseys – substantial, warm and comfortable, perfect
    for our Maine winters. for folks who don’t like being wrapped in bulky sweaters.They run a bit large, so order accordingly. We’ve been buying these for several years, and will continue to do so!

  43. Blair Woods

    I stumbled upon these shirts at a shop in Santa Fe, NM, but they only had S and XLs in stock. So glad I could hunt you down online.

  44. Kelly McClelland

    I ordered 2 long sleeve tees made of hemp and cotton. I love these tees! They are so comfortable, easily laundered and feel as if they will last a long time.

  45. steven elias

    Great products, durable, can wear forever

  46. Daniel Cutright

    I love the feel of this shirt while wearing it. Extremely comfortable. Very effective at ‘wicking’.

  47. John Parongao

    I have both the long and short sleeves detailed hemp pullover tshirts, and absolutely love the fit and comfortability. Will definitely order more in the future. 15% discount card that came with my last order comes in handy.

  48. Ben Barrera

    I bought my first “T” about 5 years ago and loved it, consequentlly but another 2 yrs later. When I punched a hole in the last one I ordered this “T”. I love the still and color but I noticed that my first “T” has a heavier weigh to it then the last 2. The last two T’s are still nice but not awesome, the feel is thinner.
    I would still (and have) recommend the product.

  49. Linda Ray

    I love the feel and fit. I look forward to wearing it when the weather turns cooler.

  50. Russell Fernald

    These hemp shirts are completely addictive. I wear them all the time and have been doing so since I bought my first one at a street fair in Mountain View. Comfortable and well fitted.

  51. Mhichil Horton

    almost 10 years to date and I haven’t found a better T shirt, I own several now. Thanks DASH!

  52. Walter E Geaux

    I will have every color, please! The fit is perfect over or under whatever the weather demands.

  53. Robin McKee

    I bought five for my husband, two for my son, and one for my colleague. Fabulous!

  54. Stephen Adams

    The shirts are wonderfully comfortable. I especially appreciated the call regarding sizing. I had ordered a size larger and was encouraged to order a smaller size. Thanks, you saved lots of time and shipping costs by a simple phone call.

  55. Stacey

    My husband has worn these for a couple of years and just ordered 2 more of the same colors. Excellent quality.

  56. Dennis

    Very thick and soft. I would guess that the shirts run on the large size, but I haven’t yet washed so I don’t yet know if there will be much shrinkage. As they are, they can be worn over another T as a light sweatshirt.

  57. sk8rcruz

    I measure 39″ full bust and 35″ waist 47″ hips. The men’s small is my best fit. I have one that is years old and has been laundered many times. It has loosened up and is roomier than my new one, probably due to dryer sheets or softeners when I’ve accidentally thrown the top in with a regular load. It’s still a favorite and fits well alone or as a layer. The new one fits more snugly and feels wonderful. It stretches just a bit to get around the hip zone, which helps to keep it from riding up.

  58. Bart

    I purchased three hemp tee shirts at a fair in Novato, CA, last year. I was very happy with my purchase and wanted to purchase the long sleeve versions, which I recently did.
    The shirts are comfortable, look good and wear well, and recommend them to anyone who wants to wear tee shirts with a little more heft.

  59. Robert VanDiest

    Extremely pleased that I chose to place a larger order to save on shipping and ordered 2 different colors of the same style!! Love the feel and fit!

  60. Kevin B. Selby

    Wow…who knew hemp could be so yummy!
    I have worn this thing to death and usually have to have my wife pry it from my fingers to get it in the wash. It does everything they say hemp does:
    1. Feels INCREDIBLE up against the skin (like a second skin).
    2. Absorbs odors.
    3. Breathes, yet still keeps you warm.
    4. Looks great!

    I am also experimenting with quitting the use of aluminum containing antiperspirants. I use a simple “baking soda” pit stick and while I’m not really stinky, per se, any possible body odor is literally swallowed up by the hemp. It’s actually pretty cool how that works and you have to experience it to believe it!

    I plan on buying all the colors of the long sleeve tee as well as some short sleeved tees for summer.

    I am a hemp convert!

  61. Howard Hampel

    I purchased this t-shirt as a gift for my brother. He is very happy with the fit and quality of the material. I plan to purchase more items from you.

  62. Jeff Helton

    This is the third shirt I have purchased from Dash Hemp. All are very comfortable and durable. Recommended! Highly!!

  63. Myriam Kirkman-Oh

    Got these shirts as holiday gifts. Bought them for 3 woman ranging from 76 years to 53 years to 21 years. All three of them loved these shirts! Since the fabric breaths so well, my mother even wore it several days in a row and she NEVER does that!
    Delivery was incredibly fast during the holidays. I got the package the next day.

  64. Stephen Gilmartin

    Love my new shirts – Great look & Fit also very comfortable to wear.
    More like a sweater than a Tee

  65. Stacey Jacobsohn

    I love hemp clothing and I purchased a long sleeve shirt for a Christmas gift. It arrived in plenty of time and my sister’s fiancee was thrilled! He likes to travel and this is a perfect shirt for wearing more than once before washing, keeping warm without bulky sweaters, and staying cool in the summer. He and I couldn’t be happier! My only issue was choosing the color; online the color appeared to be a lighter green than what I received, but it’s still a nice color!

  66. Chelsea Hamilton

    I love love love my hemp sweater it is amazing and it lasts forever!


    I have five of the short sleeve and long sleeve
    pullover tees. They look good good and wear well. Very durable and easy to launder. Good selection of colors. Curry is my favorite.
    No need to ever buy another button type shirt. Go well with the Laguna Twill Hemp Pants.

  68. Stacey

    Very comfortable, attractive, well fitting shirt for my husband. Love the teal color and plan to purchase more after washing and wearing a while. Love hemp blends!

  69. Judy

    I am a long time purchaser of you clothing…
    I bought the same long sleeve tees about 20 years ago and they finally worn out… here’s to another 20!!! Could’t be happier that you were still in business and I could purchase again, love the color choices. True to size, and same great quality as before. Cheers!!!

  70. terry millard


  71. Chris

    I’ve been buying them for years, and haven’t thrown one out yet. They last forever, and I wear mine a lot!

  72. Bill

    Looks great, fits great and wears great. I have many of these and seems like every time there’s a new color, my collection grows.

  73. Michael Simpson

    For me, most shirts I buy are tolerable. This one – SO comfortable, perfect fit (they run large, so buy your true size, or a bit smaller), totally comfy fabric. And Dash Hemp’s service is fast and personal. This shirt will last me 20+ years, and I already love it each time i put it on.

  74. Tina ~

    I bought a couple of these shirts for myself. I love the feel of the fabric and the cut. I’ve worn them out and I’ve slept in them, they are so comfortable and look great.

  75. Frank Raimondi

    Bought one and immediately bought another it was so nice.

  76. Cynthia

    Very, very nice shirt and uber-quick delivery. Just bring down the prices.

  77. Laurie Agnew

    Quality product. My husband loves it!

  78. Eric

    Thick enough if it’s cold, breathable if it’s hot. Bring it on!

  79. Susan

    The men’s tee works as a tunic-length top for a woman. Love the nice, substantial fabric of medium weight for transitional seasons or under sweater or jacket when it gets colder. Washes well.

  80. William Van Hook

    I bought my first Dash Hemp tee three years ago in Manzanita Or. I wear it all the time and it has held up like iron.

  81. Paula Anderson

    I put on my shirt and did not take it off for four days. I finally forced myself to put it in the laundry. These shirts are the best and will fast become your favorite item of clothing. The colors are deep with a soft patina that make them look comfortably lived in. Go ahead, tempt fate and buy one.

  82. Adam Otaki

    The only long sleeves I want to purchase are these.

  83. John Chamberlin

    I really like the long sleeve hemp tee pullover, and am looking forward to a long relationship with this shirt.

  84. Elizabeth

    Women, don’t shy away from these tees, especially if you’re tall. They’re not just for guys. I bought two of them just to get the coverage and the sleeve length I need. Richard was super helpful in recommending the right size.

  85. Brian Power

    Really like everything about these

  86. eileen

    These long-sleeved hemp blend shirts have been my favorites for several years. They’re great looking, comfortable to wear, and easy to care for.

    I recently ordered two more – after seven years of regular wear, my first shirt was getting just slightly worn – and discovered that the colors are now even deeper and more beautiful.

    Perfect got better!

  87. Greg Gladden

    Really good.

  88. Tony Ganino

    Nice shirt but expensive for what you get, if I did not have a coupon I would not have purchased it and if it was less expensive I would have bought two!

  89. sandra

    My husband loves these shirts in short sleeve and long sleeve. The material weight gives them a really nice fit and hang. Plus, they look great on him. We will keep ordering these in different colors until he has them all

  90. Leslie davis

    I bought my husband two for Christmas and he loves them as he does all the other shirts I have purchased for him from dash hemp. Wonderful quality,comfortable and easy to care for. Nice color selection too!!

  91. Charlotte Kortum

    I recently purchased a t-shirt for my son because in the past we have bought these shirts from Dash Hemp and we LOVE them!! Only one problem my son wants 12 more. He may have to wait a bit for that request. But we will keep on working on it. Durablity of shirt is great. Keeps shape and color over the years. Keep up the good work and I will always purchase items from you.

  92. Karen Vezina

    My husband first bought one of these pullovers at an outdoor market in San Francisco. He kept the business card so this was a perfect Christmas gift for him. He loves them.

  93. Clive Barney

    Great product. I love it. You’re great to work with. Thanks. Merry Christmas

  94. Quality workmanship and the fabric is thick like sweat shirt material. The shirt will last a long time!

  95. William

    I’ve been wearing these Long Sleeve Hemp Tee Pullovers for many years and they continue to meet and exceed my expectations. The bottom line is they look and feel good. Additionally and equally as important, the customer service provided by Dash Hemp is always courteous and complete. What can I say…I’m a fan.

  96. kevin freeman

    happy with the products, although I ordered 2 long sleeve items, on was short sleeved.

  97. William Ham

    Very good service along with nice wears!!!

  98. John F. Holford

    Love the shirt. It wears well and is super comfortable.

  99. Gary Campbell

    I was impressed that the XXL was truly that size. Love it

  100. dale van tassel

    Great fit

  101. buffie

    …i’m a cottoncottoncotton freak….but this material is now my passion (great feel, perfect weight and hangs like silk)…purchasing more

  102. Frederick orosco

    I am enjoying the warmth and comfort of these pullovers, both short sleeve and long.

  103. Ed Wehan

    I bought several of these as they are stylish, comfortable and reasonably priced. I wear them most days . They look more dressy ( if required) with a corduroy jacket or just stylish with my Patagonia jackets.

  104. Mary

    Bought 2 tees for a Christmas gift and my husband loves them. Dash Hemp was out of one of my preferred colors, but the alternate was so beautiful it didn’t matter. Nice heavy material but not too heavy.

  105. Chris Coulson

    Always like dash products.

  106. Andrey Belousov

    “I love the material of this pullover, high quality and pleasant body stuff. The only downside I can think of is it is a bit long on me (my height is 176 sm).

  107. Judith Tomlin

    I just got my 3rd & 4th Horizon LS T shirts. The charcoal one was perfect as usual, but the cream/white was 2 or 3 in. longer than all the others. Fortunately it fit my 6 ft+ husband and looks great on him, so I didn’t have to send it back. I love big loose T shirts, esp. for the winter, but I find the women’s styles too form-fitting and too short for me. The mens LS upscale T is my favourite. I hope the change in length was just an error in one manufacturing run.

  108. Seshu Vaddey

    I have worn these pullovers to work on casual fridays and they are stylish enough to wear out on the town. What I really like though is the weight of the fabric. It has a solid feel to it, not a flimsy tee. And since it is hemp fabric it is not too warm. Overall very versaitle clothing.

  109. Ken Hutchinson

    a little too heavy, still very nice shirt, fit, thermal properties, etc.

  110. Linda

    I got my husband this shirt two years ago and he loved it, but it got lost on a multi-stop trip this fall. Hopefully someone found it and is enjoying it, but it was such a favorite shirt that he wanted to get another to replace it (which made for a great Christmas present). These shirts, as well as the women’s shirts I have, are comfortable and easy to wear — highly recommended!

  111. Lorraine Farrell

    Again – great quality, style, color and comfort. When my son opened this gift, he immediately put it on the long-sleeved tee and wore it the remainder of the day. It’s not always an easy task to choose clothing for a young adult and hit the bull’s eye, but thanks to Dash, that is exactly what happened. I will certainly be a return customer. Keep up the good work!

  112. Jonathan D.

    Ordered the wrong size at first (too large), sent it back and they sent me the right size. All good.

    Would order from Dash Hemp again.

    Sausalito, CA

  113. Camille Stuart

    My husband had found a similar hemp pullover a few years ago, and he loves it, so I wanted to find another one like it. Your Horizon Long Sleeve Hemp Pullover is exactly like his other one and he loves it. Hemp clothing should be available everywhere!

  114. Trevor McLean

    Fit is great, not tight, but still form fitting, will work great with layering or by itself, comfortable, and not itchy. Has two grommets on left side bottom hem, not sure what for.

  115. brendan

    Nice, basic shirt. It is a perfect in between sweater and t shirt. I’ve been wearing mine every day. I wear a lot of wool and technical fabrics. Hemp seems to breath well and have good thermal qualities.

  116. wilbur king

    Excel feel and comfort, I use also under sweater and other button up shirts for added layer. love the feel of the material.

  117. Bonnie

    I bought this shirt for my boyfriends 2 years ago. The weight of the material is perfect–substantial without being heavy. It hangs really well–looks great! Plus, even after many washings, it still looks fabulous, too. A great shirt!

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