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Dear Richard

Thanks for your gift of clothing. The items that my 19 year old son haven’t stolen off me I’ve thoroughly enjoyed wearing and as you say they are really comfortable. Best of luck.

Kind regards

Richard Branson


Hi Richard,
I love showing off my Dash Hemp ware!
I hope you’re doing well. I’m due to order some more from you soon. 
Stand by!
I’m just finished with a delightful barge tour in Burgundy, France, where I wore your short sleaved shirt almost every evening.
Take care,
Rick (Steves)
Dear Richard,
One of the most interesting days in my life was meeting you and learning about your product “Dash Hemp”. What first caught my eye was the warm and attractively casual look to your clothes. After I learned how they were made, I had to buy some pieces! I was particularly blown away by your claim that hemp clothing can go with weeks of wear before washing. I had to test that out! I took one of your pullover T’s and did a sweaty work out in it regularly for almost 3 weeks before it smelled like one of my gym shirts after one day!
I travel the world quite a bit and wear your shirts when I go. I love knowing I can get days and days out of them with them always smelling clean and looking fresh! Thanks for creating such a cool product!
Greatest regards,
Bill Johnson

Hi Richard,

I wanted to send an update on my 2008 customer comment. (Has it really been that long?) I work primarily on a computer in my home office, so I can wear anything I want to work… and what I have been wearing for the past 3 years is my Felton jeans. I bought 2 pairs of hemp jeans, as you know, so I could wear one while the other was in the laundry.

Anyway, I was in a store with my granddaughter the other day looking at clothes for her, and she pointed out a pair of stonewashed blue jeans – cotton, of course – and said she thought I would look good in them. So I tried them on. What a revelation that was! I have not been in a pair of cotton jeans since well, 2008 I guess, but I had worn them since I was a child, and that was 60 years ago. 

I had never realized before now how incredibly uncomfortable regular jeans are – they bite at the crotch and they bite at the legs. Of course, they were new and had not had the sizing washed out – but I bought my hemp jeans brand new there in your store, and I put them right on, and they never bit me anywhere; they were incredibly comfortable – like a pair of expensive slacks – from the first time I wore them. So when I saw the new Boulder Creek Hemp Jeans, I could hardly wait to order a pair, and now I can hardly wait for them to get here! Dash Hemp has ruined me for cotton blue jeans, you know, probably for the rest of my life. And I just wanted to say thank you.

– Larry Olstad

Dear Richard,

I must say that of all the shirts I have ever owned, the Dash Hemp shirts are over all the best value on the market. sturdy, cool, and really comfortable. These shirts have it all. I will absolutely purchase more! Thanks again.

-Pete Gemma
Alameda, CA


Thank you for producing the best clothes I have ever worn. I never thought dressing nice could be so comfortable, better in every way compared to traditional cotton. I now have a wardrobe that can be worn year-round. I live in AZ but my whole family lives in PA. For the first time I no longer have to pack bulky winter clothing when I visit my family for the holidays. Your clothes are perfect for both cold and hot climates.

Thanks, David Bandish

Your hemp jeans are my absolute favorite jeans. They are the softest jeans I have ever worn. Even better, they are warm in winter and cool in summer, which is exactly the opposite of regular cotton jeans, which a cold in winter and hot in summer! I’m looking forward to getting the new long fiber jeans. – James Patrick Miculka


I would like to take a moment to and tell you my experience with the products you sell. When I first met you at a home improvement show in the Sacramento area a few years back and looked at your product I was impressed with the overall quality of the product; and the fact that it was made of hemp, a much greener product than cotton, was an added plus. Then you told me that the product didn’t require as much care as a more typical type of clothing in that they didn’t need to be washed as often to remove obnoxious odors, namely sweat odor. I took your comments with a serious grain of salt as I happen to be one of those men that sweat a lot and most of the Ts that I had at the time usually become washed out long before they became worn out. Anyway I liked the product and decided to try it so I bought one.

The shirt was everything you said it was PLUS! And, on occasion, I have worn the same shirt, continuously, for as much as a week and a half (warm weather) and never receive any comments or odd looks regarding any disagreeable odors nor noticed anyone trying to edge away from me during a conversation. In addition, I have a fairly well developed sense of smell and when I would check the shirt in the morning (after a few days) it always passed the sniff test.

Your shirts are everything you purported them to be, and then some. You maintain excellent quality in the material you use and considerable detail seems to be spent in the stitching and such of the garment. In short the total quality of your product has been, and remains, excellent. 

I am extremely pleased with this product which I suppose accounts for my having ordered several more in the past 3 or 4 years plus the 2 new ones just ordered, which I don’t need but like the color.
You provide an excellent product Richard and at a very fair price; one could buy a far lesser product and pay nearly the same price.

Just thought I would let you know.

Vernon Green
Sacramento, California

Dear Richard,

Thanks so much for the business cards you sent. It will make it very easy for me to help people contact you for the fabulous clothing you offer. I live in a coastal area in south Louisiana. The climate is hot and muggy in the summer with cool to cold temperatures in the winter. I was so excited to find your line of clothes. They keep me cool in the summer even here. Then in the winter I just add the hoodie or the shawl to my outfit for the perfect amount of warmth.

Much to my surprise there is no need for heavier bulky jackets even though I normally needed much more in the past. Practicality and quality are important attributes in any items I purchase. I have worn my Dash Hemp so much that I can hardly believe it still looks wonderful.This is one of the best bargains I have ever found. It travels in a wonderful little compact bundle for a light load to pack, and is so versatile and durable for work outfits. 

Richard, the most wonderful thing is how good this clothing feels on my skin. The comfort of wearing Dash Hemp can be compared to changing from canvas bedsheets to 600 count finest Egyptian cotton. I can’t describe how wonderful it is to have clothes that feel so good against the skin yet are so durable too. I hope you will consider adding a skirt and shorts/split skirts as well as for those of us in the south who want to wrap ourselves in Dash hemp from head to toe. Also please consider adding coffee brown as a color choice.I look forward to what your company is doing in the future. 

Thanks for such a wonderful product! 

Sincerely, Gayle Feibel 

Hello Richard Dash,

WOW! We would love to tell you how wonderful your clothes are and how much we wear them. We travel for business and we both have several pieces from your collection. These items do not wrinkle, they take up very little space, and they look superb when we are get dressed for our business meetings. Thank you for the men’s crew necks (we have 3 different colors), they work great alone or under a suit jacket. Thank you for the women’s tie tank, they work alone with slacks or shorts, and they look great under a suit. We are looking forward to new colors in the line to add to our collection. Oh , I almost forgot, the jeans are the most comfortable pants to wear on 6 hour plane trips! Once again, the items are wonderful and we love them. 

Dawn and Terry Bean

Hi Richard, 

I wanted to let you know that it was great to meet you at the fair on Sunday. As I said when I met you, I was really glad that you were there, because I love your clothing so much and was hoping to pick up more. I am psyched about my new t-shirt and Lisa loves her new top (the baby blue one). And also, thanks for the discount. As for your clothing products, I just wanted to describe my experience. Your clothing is very, very comfortable and very strong. I have worn and washed (religiously in cold water) my first t-shirt at least 100 times over the last 2 years, and I have seen zero deterioration in the material. All the clothing is casual, very comfortable, and great looking! I look forward to buying more clothes soon and I thank you for your efforts. 

Sincerely, Andy Clifford Head Aquatics Coach 

Hello Richard, 

Thank you for your commitment to customer satisfaction. I have received the shirt. It is my first item of hemp clothing and I love it. I have since purchased a pair of 100% hemp jeans and am looking forward to their arrival. I truly appreciate your dedication to educating the American public of the higher quality of hemp versus cotton.

Best Regards, 
Scott L., Oakland, Calif.

Hey Richard, 

This was my first venture into buying clothing on the Internet and I couldn’t be any more pleased with the product. By the way you were right, the smalls would’ve been too small. The mediums fit perfectly. The color’s great, and they’re just about the most comfortable things I own. 

Thanks again, 
Brad Young


Richard, your hemp drawstring pants are really great! When I come home at night, I put them on and feel really relaxed… I’ve never worn anything so comfortable! – Deno Boosalis, Long Beach, Calif.

Great stuff! – Aram Bassenian, Bassenian/Lagoni Architects


I own two of your hand-loomed hemp tops, one in black and one in natural. I wanted to let you know that I love them and wear them all the time. They look good with skirts, slacks, jeans, anything. In addition, I also use the long-sleeved crew as a hiking/camping shirt. On my last trip, I wore it for three days, covered it with sunscreen, bug spray and sweat. I was disgusting, but the shirt carried itself without any bad smell or anything! It was great. Thank you! 

Kate Bendick
San Francisco, Calif.

I live near the Gulf coast in south Louisiana where the humidity is very high. My Dash Hemp clothing is a vital part of my wardrobe. In fact, I love it so much I am working toward a wardrobe that is exclusively from Dash Hemp. It is so comfortable here all year long, but especially good in the heat. Whether I’m sailing at Grand Isle or in a meeting, I can dress it up are keep it casual. When I travel, my “Dash Gear”, as I call it, is all I want to pack. The knitted tops, yoga pants, and twill pants I have bought over the years are still beautiful, and they feel more wonderful the more I wear them. The high quality of this clothing makes it a great investment. I can’t wait to add my woven tops as well. Thanks, Richard, for the high standard of quality you uphold at Dash Hemp!

Sincerely, Gayle Feibel

I first met Richard Dash during during my travels in Mongolia. He was there to develop suppliers and I, simply traveling. Over the years we kept in touch (Internet/telephone) and I have made a number of purchases from his store online. 

So, I had not actually seen Richard except for that one time in Mongolia. Approx. 10 years later during one my trips my wife and I stopped in his store unannounced. He recognized me immediately and we ended up making some more purchases from him. 

Richard is a consummate professional and has always given us great value and personal attention. I highly recommend his products and enjoy his professionalism very much.
– Gary Schafer, Compton, California

Mr. Dash,

Your hemp sweater, found on my California trip, won first prize as my discovery of the year. There is no adequate way to describe hemp’s unusual comfort, weight, and “flattering” drape. I would never have found hemp in our little corner of Ohio. I am looking forward to enjoying my newly ordered lounge pants, sweater and socks which just arrived.
I would also never have believed there was a fabric available that can be worn multiple times and still have people offering hugs! My sweater never did fail the sniff test. I eventually washed it because of guilt when I found a day I could take it off. It would be possible to travel (light) for weeks with two sets of hemp clothing… two sets needed only for a change of color. Hemp could bankrupt Tide.

– Margaret (Peg) Schwiebert, Hamler, OH

Hejsan Richard:

I’m powerful beholden to yuz for this Sash Mill hemp shirt jacket I’ve recently received. Like all the other hemp items that I’ve purchased of yours over the years, this is one beauty full garment to wear and behold. The weight and drape of this 8 oz all hemp fabric is indeed most soft and entirely blissworthy. How perfectly wunderful that it happens to fit as if it was custom tailored for me. As this that weren’t enough… how do you account for the fact that whenever I don it… babes are magnetically drawn to me and move to run their fingers through my hair? I gather you’ve managed to divine some arcane alchemist’s knowledge that allows you to instill pheromones into the hemp. Your brilliance is only succeeded by your humility! Richard, again, thank you! 

I love the pants, shirt, and robe, and thank you for the extra socks as well. I am so tickled with all of the products. Would you kindly send another pair of the same pants in a different color and a long sleeve shirt (light color)? Additionally, when they are ready for distribution, would you kindly mail to me a pair of the new jeans (32/32) that you mentioned on the phone. 

My sincere appreciation,
Mike Havercamp
Reno, Nevada

I’ve had a couple of 100% hemp polo shirts and a couple of pairs of 100% hemp jeans (Felton style) for two years now and wear them all the time. All very comfortable and it is really true that I don’t have to wash them until after many wearings, so they’ve been great for traveling and being able to wear them all the time (less time in the dirty clothes pile). Can’t wait for hemp to be common and grown in the US (again).

-Tom Dickinson
Minneapolis, MN

Dear Mr. Dash,

You may not know how much we like your hemp clothing. Well, we do! We went to Stockton in July to visit our great grandson and family and it was over 100 degrees. You know what? I was the coolest one in the room (wearing a 100% hemp hand-loomed top). Ace has found good use for the hemp beanie you gave him…. I’m so glad that I have another new hemp outfit to show off to friends and family.

Yours truly, Zora Copp, Santa Cruz, California

Dear Richard: 

Thank you very much for the two tops–the blue scoop neck top (I already own the beige one and love it!) and the black v-neck top. Both fit very well, are wonderfully comfortable when riding my horses, 
even on a hot day, and look equally good with a business suit or dress pants. And thank you for the socks! I’ve tried them out with riding boots and they kept my feet cool and comfortable. You have a customer for life! — Dr. Janis Cox Jones

Dear Richard,

I recently spent three weeks in Turkey. I had packed my long sleeve 100% hemp shirt for the trip and I was not disappointed. There are very few fabrics that feel as good to wear as hemp. It has a smooth and light feel like the best silk or premium cotton. In addition to being comfortable, it never loses it shape. And unlike my cotton shirts, odors don’t penetrate the hemp as easily. I found that everyone in Turkey smokes. But my hemp shirt never smelled like tobacco, unlike my cotton polos. 

The other thing I found truly amazing about my long sleeve hemp shirt was that it kept me cool during the warm Turkish days, and provided great sun protection as well. But my hemp shirt was equally as versatile in the cool evenings by providing just enough warmth. Of course at home, I wear my hemp shirts all the time for casual weekend wear and into the office as well. Based on my travels with the hemp fabric, I am ordering several more shirts for all future trips. And since I have to keep my wife from “borrowing” my hemp shirt to wear herself, I am ordering one for her as well! Kudos on one of the best kept secrets and best products on the market at any price! Keep up the good work and I look forward to many more years of enjoyment. 

William C. Burks

Hi Dash,

In case you don’t recognize the name, I’m the guy who first bought from you at the Green Festival in SF last year, then was so excited to see you again at the Boat Show in Oakland a few months back. I was with Sam on that second visit and I know you have since met Risa. So how much do I love my Dash Hemp wear? Like you said on selling me on my first purchase, “This will become your favorite shirt.” That was oh so true.

That first long sleeve hemp tee sure was a great way to get started, but having a few short sleeves now gives me more times I can wear your stuff. I get very warm in the tropics where I vacation regularly and a T-shirt is usually more than I would wear there (I usually go more for tank tops in the heat), but there were great for traveling and I found the days I wore them for arrival and departure to be very comfortable even in the heat. And the polo I got feels so great on me. The fabric has a really special feel to it light and heavy at the same time. I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s got a nice heavy drapy feel, but is lightweight and not too hot.

– David Volansky 

Dear Richard,

It was GREAT to see you at the SF Green Festival. The hemp clothing at the other booths couldn’t compare to your well-made, nicely styled clothing line. I LOVE my newest Dash Hemp purchase: the square neck scoop, long sleeve. Sooo comfy and beautifully loomed; I’ve already received many compliments from family and friends. I told them about your company and where to buy. I still have my 8-year-old Dash Hemp shirt, my first purchase and my absolute favorite shirt! So wonderful to see how successful your company has grown through the years and I’m so proud to support you! Hope to see you at the Green Festival next year!

All my best,
April Yamaichi
Burlingame, CA


When I received my first order from you a week or two ago I was, to say the least, quite surprised at the quality. It was even better than your glowing description. Pleased, but cautious, I held my breath and ordered again (I’ve been down the inconsistent hemp road before, many times). Again, I was treated to the same courteous service followed by prompt delivery and a great product. To say your products are impressive is a gross understatement; the quality design, construction and first class material would be welcomed with any garment – but all this and hemp too? And a business run like a business? Impossible! Keep it up – it’s a pleasure doing business with such a customer oriented company providing such a classic, elegant, and timely product. I love the stuff!

George Mezalis, Ph.D

Just wanted to thank you and let you know I appreciate your product. I bought one of your tops last year to try and added more this year from the San Francisco festival. It works great in cold and hot weather. In cold weather under a parka, there is a tendency to perspire when exercising (skiing and hiking). It is a good layer for cold weather yet keeps a freshness (ok, no odor) afterwards so it can be worn again without washing. In Hawaii, it was a “cool” addition to my wardrobe. Anyway, it’s good stuff and one is in my permanent travel wardrobe so I don’t have to look for it. 

Chery Chew, SF Bay Area 

Richard Dash sells the best hemp clothing around, from my experience. It is stylish in a restrained way, made of the finest materials and impeccably crafted. I have lots of his clothing and I wear something from Dash almost every day, it is that comfortable. 

I have given many gifts of his line for women to the ladies in my family of all ages to great success. Hemp clothing has a wonderful drape, a bit like linen but a bit more substantial. It is perfect for every time of the year because it breathes so naturally. 

What I find remarkable is that with each washing it becomes even more elegant in texture: softer yet retaining its shape. You feel comfortable wearing it because of its smoothness. Yet it is also perfect for layering. 

John Thow 
Professor of Music UC Berkeley


You know with busy schedules and all I had not had the opportunity to thank you so much for your attention in taking care of our son-in-law’s birthday gift. Needless to say he was very pleased & so were we in the fact that we had given him something that he really enjoys. Wishing you continued success. 

Luis & Maria, Roseville, California

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