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The mission of Acaté is to preserve the Amazon Rainforest in partnership with its protectors. Real on the ground capacity-building underlies all of our initiatives whether it be indigenous medicine, permaculture, or sustainable commerce.

Acate Amazon Conservation
needs your help to continue our important and unique collaboration with the Matses people.   What makes this project so urgent is that the remote forests and culture of the Matses are mostly intact.   Without rapid assistance this will change and the remaining Matses will meet the same fate as so many other indigenous people.  The lure of the city is pulling many young Matses away from their homes. Predatory oil companies are waiting to begin extraction in Matses territory.  The allure of cash for bush meat and timber is depleting the forests.  What can be done to avert these impending disasters? After working closely with the Matses leadership Acate Amazon Conservation has a plan of action that is welcomed by the Matses and achievable. First, the Matses need income in order to buy the simple items they want for their homes.  By sustainably harvesting tree resins they can immediately earn the income they need and be free of destructive and dangerous timber cutting jobs. Second, specially designed agroforestry and permaculture techniques will put them on the path towards abundance and self-reliance; replacing the slash and burn farming that no longer works for permanent settlements.  Third, the waning interest in traditional knowledge can be counteracted with the creation of a Matses language traditional medicinal handbook for inclusion in the school curriculum and the creation of a internship program for youth with elder healers. At this point in history we face our last chance to do right by the remaining indigenous people.  These programs have been designed by experts in a logical and sequential manner with well-defined and achievable goals. Your donation will go toward directly supporting these

remarkable programs, please take action today.