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Association of European Industrial Hemp companies that holds an annual convention.
You need to see how advanced Europe is in Industrial Hemp!

Don't miss the biggest event on industrial hemp in 2011 - worldwide!

Bio-Composites - like bio-based plastics - show a two digit growth each year. The conference will present the newest technology developments and market penetration of hemp and other natural fibres reinforced plastics.

The International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) is now established as the largest meeting of experts on industrial hemp in Europe and indeed world - wide.

Specialists from all over the world will meet in order to exchange information regarding the latest developments in hemp and in other natural fibres and moreover on the applications for fibres, shivs, seeds and oil.

Participants will range from cultivation consultants, primary and further processors, traders, scientists and engineers, and investors to numerous small and medium-sized enterprises and to international automotive companies and suppliers. The conference language will be English. We expect 150 international participants.

Conference fee

For non-members the fee for participation is 400 EUR plus 19% VAT (including lunches, snacks and dinner buffet).
EIHA members are also required to pay this fee but they will get a credit voucher of 100 EUR which will be deducted from the EIHA Membership fee for 2012.