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The folks below (young and old) have been fans of Dash Hemp for years.

Randy wearing eight year old Dash Hemp Tee shirt.
Art, 85 year old Dash Hemp fan and wife.
Wearing hemp camp shirt.
Very tres cool couple. Wearing Dash Hemp T shirt
Kenny...loves his Dash Hemp

Greg, retired fireman..long time Dash Hemp guy.

George Houle. Professor of Music
Stanford University. Owns many Dash hemp shirts.
Steve...long time Dash Hemp guy.
Just bought a hemp vest
Best friends..Alameda Art and Wine Festival. Wearing 100% Hemp
Hand Loomed hemp tops!
Nava wearing 100% Hemp Hand Loomed

John Ryan. Marine Biologist wearing
hemp clothing

Sir Michael Collins
Bon vivant and Dash Hemp fan
Johna wearing his hemp vest.
Birgitta. World traveler wearing
her hand loomed hemp top.
Jan Wearing 7 year old Dash Hemp T shirt
Hemp Guy wearing 6-7 year old hand loomed hemp sweater.
Hemp dudes wearing Dash Hemp shirts
Sheila Maple wearing Dash Hemp
Jeans and hemp shirt
Sky wearing Dash Hemp sweater.
Steve Blair wearing Dash Hemp shirt
Terry Lloyd wearing Dash Hemp camp.

Hemp dude wearing Dash Hemp camp.
Two hemp dudes wearing Dash Hemp Camp shirts
Guy wearing Dash Hemp camp shirt.
Maybe drinking Hemp beer?

See photos of Dash Hemp fans in their 100% hemp jeans, hemp sweaters, tees and other favorites.