About Us

The company’s founder and owner, Richard Dash has an extensive back round in the apparel business in retail and manufacturing. He formed an apparel company in Honolulu in the 1970s that manufactured women’s accessories, swimwear, tops, and started/managed/owned the Lobster and Roses retail stores in Honolulu and Maui. In 1985 Dash put his apparel business on the back burner and returned to his previous profession conducting international tours.

International travel afforded Dash a unique perspective on the plight of third world people. He has seen firsthand the living and working conditions in these countries. This helped him understand that manufacturing conditions needed to be humane and sustainable. Dash Hemp works only with sweat-free labor in manufacturing their Hemp clothing; not in big factories, but in relatively small work shops in China, where the Hemp is grown.

His passion for Hemp began in 1997, when Dash attended the WHEE Festival in Oregon. That visit convinced him that Hemp was the Fiber of the future for apparel, and indeed, could eventually play a major role in the apparel industry in the U.S. Dash spent two days in Oregon with Rich Morrisey of Jus Natural and Larry Serbin of Hemp Traders. The love affair with hemp began. He purchased some jersey material from Larry, and began manufacturing T shirts in Los Angeles selling mainly to Japan through Japanese trading companies in Los Angeles.

Dash became involved in the Hemp Movement to legalize industrial Hemp in 1998, and continues to design and manufacture some of the most unique garments in the Hemp Industry. High quality, versatility, and attention to detail are his primary concerns. Dash Hemp knits exclusive, innovative fabrics for use in their garments.

Dash constantly pushes his contractors to provide more sustainable working conditions.

We are a small company. Don’t be surprised if I answer the phone. I may be the CEO, but I’m also the janitor. Thanks so much!

-Richard Dash