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Dash Hemp Wholesale

Dash Hemp clothing for Men & Women is organic and sweatshop-free.
Call 1-877-561-1824, and we'll email a wholesale line sheet to qualified accounts.
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You've found the right source if you're searching for unique, upscale, and the highest quality looks in Hemp apparel with appeal that spans widely in age demographics. As a point of reference, we've designed and manufactured Hemp Clothing for 20 years, and have done private label for companies like The Orvis Company, Territory Ahead Catalog, Sundance Catalog, and others. We've been designing and manufacturing Hemp Clothing for 20 years. No other company comes close to our unique looks, styles and quality.

Hemp is trending in America....not only trending, but on fire. Because its cousin is constantly in the news now, there is growing awareness of Industrial hemp and hemp clothing.
Hemp is the oldest known textile in human history. For thousands of years it's been renowned for its durability, comfort and attractive no-wrinkle appearance. After decades of hemp prohibition in the US, consumers are rediscovering the cloth's remarkable properties.
Why buy wholesale hemp clothes? Hemp is a win-win product. The Earth wins, you win, and your customers win.
Offer your customers unique looks and fabrications from Dash Hemp. Those who experience the comfort and high performance of hemp become repeat customers. Hemp is becoming more and more "topical" in conversation, unlike any other fiber.... "Guess what this shirt is made of?! Hemp!" Once your customers have experienced hemp clothing, their cottons, etc., will retreat to the back of the closet or wind up in thrift shops.
Thanks for your interest in Dash Hemp Santa Cruz.