We've been making hemp clothing for a long time.

Twenty years with unrelenting passion. Since 1997 Dash Hemp has designed and manufactured upscale hemp clothes for Men and Women for thousands of happy (and repeat) customers. (Take a look at "Customer Comments"!) There are many reasons to wear sustainable, remarkably comfortable hemp apparel, so thankfully you've landed on the website of a company driven and dedicated to making some of the best and most unique hemp clothing on Planet Earth. (And dedicated to making Industrial Hemp a legal and thriving industry once again in America.)

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Hemp Camp Shirt

Dash Hemp Camp shirts with basket weave coconut buttons, detailing stem to stern in 100% Hemp, are like no other shirt you've ever worn. Unique finishing makes this hemp shirt an original.
Check them out!

Long Sleeve Shirts
Tropical Hut Print Hemp Camp

Tropical Hut Hemp Camp shirts for Men and Women in a unique and silky Hemp/Tencel blend. Get ready for your next vacation...these shirts are travel perfect!

100% Hemp Long Sleeve Hemp Shirts.... Read on.

Nuccio Hemp Jeans

You're in for a treat. Basic five pocket

Nuccio hemp jean.

Chi Hemp Jeans


Industrial weight, detail and comfort that will exceed your wildest expectations. More like a pull-over than a T shirt. Flat out, the most uptown "T shirt" you've ever seen or worn.  

Chi Jeans are back! Gusseted crotch
makes this revival hemp jean super
comfortable. Learn More

Denise Dock Hemp top

The Nines! 100% Hemp Hand Loomed Tops with extensive Pointelle Detailing, hemp jackets and more. Hemp clothing to dress up and down. Practical uses: Accepting the Nobel Prize in Stockholm, or High Tea with the Queen in Buckingham Palace. Learn More

Hemp Shorts

100% Hemp Tai Chi Jacket. Terrific "go to" hemp top that works with just about any neckline. Hemp clothing is like nothing you've ever worn! Have a peek.

Yoga Pants

Yoga Lounge. For Men and Women... For loungers and fantasy loungers who don't have time to lounge.
Perfect for yoga, workout and around the house comfort like you've never experienced.
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Hemp Bed Sheets

100% Hemp Bed Sheets!
 King and Queen Sets. Pure Sleeping Hemp Joy! Learn More!

About Hemp

Be amazed by "God's Plant"!
Why Hemp

We've been at this Since 1997. Nineteen years of dedication to hemp clothing, and nothing but hemp clothing. No other clothing company comes close to our unique looks and expertise.

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Learn more about the team at Dash Hemp.
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    The HIA. Since 1994.

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Dash Hemp. Arguably the best source in America for Men's and Women's hemp clothing. Yes, we've been doing this for 20+ years, pretty much in the beginning of hemp apparel in the US. Along the way, we've done stuff that no one else had ever done, such as our 100% Hemp hand loomed hemp knits for both Men and Women. The hemp fields are in China, and we make everything there in relatively small workshops with friends we've known for many years. No big faceless factories, but family owned and operated work shops, with great working conditions and high salaries. Richard travels to China at least once every year, so he knows first hand what's going on there. We do not buy from Romanian sweatshops (or "Ateliers"), and never will. (Romania has the second lowest minimum wage in the 30 member EU!)  And we do not make raw bogus claims that we own our own hemp fields as one other US hemp company falsely claims.
("...at -----, we have been growing, weaving, knitting and sewing linen, organic cotton and hemp clothing products, footwear, bed, bath and home products since 1997....") That's nonsense. No US  hemp clothing company grows their own hemp or has ownership in either European or Asian hemp fields. (Maybe they have a backyard patch?) 

We are not re-sellers of other company's products. Everything we sell carries the Dash Hemp label. Designed and specs by Dash Hemp Santa Cruz. We don't buy hemp clothing from other companies. We design and make our own.

And we don't buy and import anything manufactured in Romanian sweatshops