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Veronica V Neck
Brookdale Scoop


Hi, The two v-neck tees and the scoop-neck tee are perfect in
small! In fact, I wore one of my older hemp tees this weekend when
we went down to our ranch in Tuolumne county where we had to repair
fences in three places where our wonderful firefighters had to cut
them to access a fire, and my husband and I worked all day in 104
degree heat. I have to say, that was a test for my hemp tee, but it
kept me actually cool and wicked away sweat. Afterwards, when we
went to thank our local firefighters for protecting our ranch, one
said I looked amazingly fresh for working on fencing all day.
Thanks for such great products!

Jan (Dr. Janis Jones)

Your knit hemp sweaters are indeed magic. Not only are they stylish in shape and with woven detailing, but they breath with my body. It feels like my own skin. I can wear my sweater/top when it is cold, and I stay warm. I can wear my sweater/top when it is hot, and I do not get hot! It is magic! Washing is not very often necessary, unless you spill something on it. And even then the spot disappears, unless it is oily.
Then a little stain spray and it is gone with washing. I love my magic, beautiful Dash Hemp Sweaters!
Thank you, Lois, South Bend, Indiana