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Hemp Drawstring Pants

The Yoga Lounge: For Loungers and fantasy loungers who don't have time to lounge....9.5oz. Jersey.

So comfortable you can use them as PJ's.

hemp Yoga lounge Pants

Yoga Lounge Jersey

Customer Comment:
I have a pair of you pants that I purchased a long time ago.
I got them in a shop in Bandon, Oregon. I have been looking for another pair every since.
I found them this week at the same shop.I will now keep the tag so I have your address.
I love these pants and I find them in the laundry every week. I guess you could say I
live in them. I am excited to get a top made from hemp also. I have found clothing in
hemp but these are the first ones that I have found that are knitted.
I can hardly wait to get the new top.
-Dauna Roberts

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Yoga Lounge Pant
Price: $59.00
Yoga Lounge. Jersey Drawstring Hemp Pant