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Hemp Camp Shirt

Dash Hemp Camp shirts with basket weave coconut buttons, detailing stem to stern in 100% Hemp, are like no other shirt you've ever worn. Unique finishing makes this hemp shirt an

Hemp Shirt New Conifer Lane Henley. 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton Jersey with superior finishing and detailing makes this hemp shirt like no other in your wardrobe.

Long Sleeve Shirts

This guy, about to embark on a long canoe trip, knows that due to the anti-microbial properties of hemp, this may be the only outfit
he'll need to pack.


Dash Hemp Tees....more like pull-overs, with detailing like no other Tee shirt you've ever worn. Travel perfect and anti-microbial in 55% Hemp 45% Organic cotton

Nuccio Hemp Jeans

You're in for a treat. Nuccio Hemp Jean.

Chi Hemp Jeans

Chi Jeans are back! Gusseted crotch
makes this revival hemp jean super
comfortable. Learn More

Denise Dock Hemp top

The Nines! 100% Hemp Hand Loomed Tops with extensive Pointelle nothing else in the entire garment industry. Soft and durable, dress it up and, under a suit jacket, or with jeans. Practical uses: Accepting the Nobel Prize in Stockholm, or High Tea with the Queen in Buckingham Palace. Learn More

Hemp Shorts

When was the last time you put on a pair of shorts and knew you were in Bora Bora? Your backyard may not be Polynesia, but so what? You're relaxing with your favorite vice in your Los Cabos hemp shorts and feeling better than you've felt in years. Dirt cheap therapy.
We make our shorts in a Hemp/tencel (lyocell) narrow twill blend with a gusset crotch. Soft and silky. Try a pair and dream on.

Yoga Pants

Yoga Lounge. For loungers and fantasy loungers who don't have time to lounge.
Perfect for yoga,workout and around the house comfort like you've never experienced.
Learn More

Hemp Bed Sheets

100% Hemp Bed Sheets!
Now at pre-sale pricing! Learn More!

About Hemp

Be amazed by "God's Plant!
Why Hemp

We've been at this Since 1997. Nineteen years of dedication to hemp clothing, and nothing but hemp clothing. No other clothing company comes close to our unique looks and expertise.

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Learn more about the team at Dash Hemp.
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The HIA. Since 1994.


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